Maxus Van - Electric and Diesel Vans

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Maxus Van - Diesel and Electric Vans

Step into the future with the electric Maxus van, where cutting-edge technology meets impressive performance. Unveil a new era of transportation that's kind to the environment and uncompromising on power. The Maxus electric van is more than a sustainable choice – it's a smart one.

But that's not all! We also offer the diesel Maxus van, providing the same advanced features and modern design. Whether you prefer the eco-conscious electric model or the robust diesel alternative, both are tailored to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

Choose Maxus, where we marry innovation with practicality. Make a positive impact today and let your journey towards a greener and smarter future begin with us.


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We Are All About Maxus Vans

With over 15 years of successful trading as a family-run business, Mylbrook Ltd is proud to have delivered over 10,000 vehicles, including our standout electric and diesel vans, to satisfied customers across the whole of the UK and beyond. 

From our base in scenic Hook, Hampshire, we've cultivated a rich reservoir of knowledge and expertise in our sector, enabling us to offer a customised body service that caters to special requirements such as Luton Bodies, Tipping Bodies, and more. 

Furthermore, our strong partnerships with leading finance companies ensure we can meet all your needs, making it easier than ever to enhance your business with our vehicles. Choose Mylbrook Ltd – your partner in driving a greener, smarter future.


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