The Electric Towns and Cities Initiative (ETCI) - Guildford is an £11 million project from National Highways.

    The grant scheme consists of three key elements.

    Firstly, there is the A3 Electric Vehicle grant scheme, which offers grants of up to £10,000 to businesses that drive on the A3 in Guildford and switch to fully electric vans. This initiative aims to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

    Secondly, there is a rapid charging network specifically designed for vans, with dedicated bays and cables. This network ensures that electric vans can quickly and conveniently recharge their batteries, enabling smooth and efficient operations.

    Lastly, there is an active travel programme that supports employers near the A3 in Guildford in promoting sustainable transport options for their employees. This programme encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation, such as cycling or walking, to reduce reliance on cars and promote a healthier and more environmentally friendly commute.

    The A3 Electric Vehicle (EV) grant scheme provides grants of £5,000 for small fully electric light commercial vehicles and £10,000 for large ones. These grants aim to incentivize businesses to transition to electric vehicles and contribute to a cleaner and greener transportation system.


  • Businesses must undertake at least 150 journeys annually on the A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction to be eligible for the scheme.
  • The rapid charging network aims to provide charging facilities tailored to commercial vans.
  • The active travel programme, launching in Autumn 2023, offers various solutions to promote sustainable transport alternatives for employees.
  • The initiatives aim to improve air quality on the A3 in Guildford, which has shown high levels of nitrogen dioxide emissions.
  • The Electric Towns and Cities Initiative is a collaborative effort between Surrey County Council, National Highways, and Guildford Borough Council.

    Quick grant eligibility check for an A3 Electric Vehicle (EV) grant funding programme



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